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Helpful Builder Tips

FlipResume's free resume builder is the best way to create a professional resume that will help you land your dream job, or at least get you one step closer to it. Our easy step-by-step process will guide you on how to build a resume using templates and key terms that are relevant to the job and industry.

Simply follow the prompts to enter your summary, objective, education, employment history, professional skills, etc. and leave the formatting to us. This is a great way to build a resume for free online and you can save your resume as a PDF, or share it to your social networks.

We designed a resume builder for free that allows you to enter everything from your education and work experience to additional skills and other accomplishments so you can demonstrate your value to employers. You can also modify, preview and save drafts of your documents using our resume builder so that you can edit your resume depending on the job or position you are applying for. Our resume builder includes a built-in repository of expertise including helpful examples and tips that will turn you into a veritable resume maker. Once you're done entering your information, you will have the option to choose from several professional templates. Check out examples of resumes.

It's smart for job seekers to use free resume builders because they provide guidance and structure for resumes that professional hiring managers expect to see. Using a resume builder takes the guess work out of creating a resume that makes you not only look good on paper, but also helps you stand out above the competition. We're invested in helping people turn their vocations into avocations so we provide free resume making tools that help our customers achieve the career status they're after. Searching for a new job is a stressful endeavor so we created a system that takes the stress out of building a resume online for free and helps people demonstrate real value.

With FlipResume's free resume builder, you can keep your format simple, appropriate, and informative by highlighting your professional qualifications and achievements. Be sure to choose the right keywords when you're using the resume builder. We recommend incorporating key terms outlined in the job description that you're applying for.

The most important caveat we can offer you when you're trying to build a resume is that you make sure there are no spelling or other grammatical errors. We recommend having someone you trust look over your resume and cover letter when you're finished to double check it for you. Many employers use applicant tracking systems that pre-sort resumes before they are forwarded to the hiring managers. The resumes that include the key terms they are searching for make it passed the automated first round, the applicants whose resumes are market with errors never make it to the desk of the human resources manager.

It's okay to add creativity into your resume. It's a great way to show your personality as long as you do it in the right way. Using a myriad of fonts and colors to demonstrate your talent is not exactly the best strategy. Instead, demonstrate your intelligence and engage the reader by utilizing a broad vocabulary and try to include these keywords: problem solving, leadership, oral/written communication, team building, performance, productivity, and improvement. Use bullet points to detail your work experience, but avoid starting your points with “I” if possible and use strong action verbs if you can.